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Take the stress out of finding a reliable, competent and fully flexible accounts person in which can take care of all your back-end office needs. Free up your time, keep your fixed costs down and focus on growing your business. Let us manage your accounts with our team of qualified assistants.


Our bookkeepers can assist you in recording your transactions, reconciling bank accounts, preparing and loading BAS statements plus much more. Experience in MYOB, Quickbooks, Xero, SAP and Sage will have all your bases covered.

Accounts - AP/AR

Let us process your invoices, let us maintain your creditor and debtor registers. We cover payroll, inventory, purchase orders and other day-to-day accounts department duties.


We have qualified accountants available for you to prepare end of month accounts, reporting, plus a large range of other accounting functonality

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  • Bank Reconciliations
  • Journal Entries
  • Purchase Orders & Receipting
  • BAS Statement Preparation

Accounts Payable / Receivable

  • Invoice Processing
  • Accounts Payable Aging Reports
  • Processing Expense Claims
  • Managing Scheduled Payments


  • Payroll Processing and Reporting
  • PAYE and Superannuation
  • Employee Register Maintenance
  • Job Costings


  • End Of Period Reporting
  • Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet
  • Assets & Depreciation
  • Budgeting & Cash Forecasts

Other Financial Services

  • Inventory Management
  • Tendering Analysis
  • Corporate Presentations
  • Custom Online Databases

Accounting Software

We can process your transactions on a number of online or desktop financial software platforms: MYOB  |  QuickBooks  |  Xero  | SAP Business One

Benefits of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) How BPO helps your bottom line and gives you time to work on your business

The finance and accounting components of your business are crucial in respect to both a regulatory sense and a reflection of your profitability. Reporting on performance and the submission of required information happens throughout the year and needs to be completed accurately and as per legislation.

Many businesses find running these processes as part of in-house operations cumbersome and expensive. Additionally, with frequent changes in regulations and compliance policies happening regularly, ensuring upkeep and maintenance of the books has become more difficult. Therefore many companies are increasingly preferring to outsource their finance and accounting operations while obtaining many benefits along the way. 

When utilising the services of outsourcing or business process specialists, a business owner is gaining access to qualified advisers with expertise in many fields. This can range from basic invoice processing to complicated end of financial year reports. An organisation may not be able to afford to have all of these specialists in house.
By not having permanent staff you can have the flexibility of adjusting the service you require from the outsourced team in line with any changes that may occur in your business.  You do not incur costs and time associated with managing:

  • Peak or low times (seasonal demands)
  • Covering and managing leave (annual, maternity etc.)
  • Training, hiring, layoffs of staff

Simplifying and standardising processes is a reflection of a well run organisation. Often businesses do not have the expertise or time to implement such processes and procedures. By using experienced outsourcers they can ensure these are in place while the business owner can concentrate on growing the organisation. The more streamlined the back-end operation the more detailed information can be provided to make the right (and sometimes hard) decisions.
At the end of the day this is what most businesses want so that they can increase their profitability and even more importantly being able to spend time away from their business.

By outsourcing their financial and accounting processes a business owner can reduce their fixed costs, save money on employee on-costs, training and finance related technology. They can also save time with the above – no time spent on hiring and firing, organising training, understanding changes in accounting rules, finding the right technology. They will gain time by having more relevant financial information provided to them by their outsourced specialist, they can therefore make faster, more pertinent and more profitable decisions.

How Business Edge Services Can Assist Your Business How BPO helps your bottom line and gives you time to work on your business

Business Edge Services understands both the needs of the business and the business owner. In fact Business Edge Services commenced over 15 years ago in order to reorganise the culture and processes of small businesses so to increase profitability and to provide business owners with a lot less stress. We understand more time with the family can help owners and managers make better organisational decisions.

As the years went on we found the economic and technological environments changing which in turn created a lot of uncertainty. Business owners became unsure if and when to hire, they became afraid to commit to potential growth strategies and in turn missed out on opportunities and in a lot of cases increased their personal stress levels.

Business Edge Services saw an opportunity to take some of those difficult decisions away from them, save them the costs of employing someone with an unknown future, and get them to do what the business owner loves to do best – run his business with confidence with the skills that they have.

By sourcing skilled and qualified back-end finance and accounts specialists we began to see positive managerial and organisational changes with our clients. It is from this understanding of the needs of the business owner Business Edge Services have become experts in providing quality resources at a very affordable price.

We will personally work with you to understand your requirements and ensure you receive the most efficient, reliable, professional, confidential and best value for money service possible. That is our pledge.

Business Edge Services - BPO

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Accountant Profile Donna Campogan - Senior Accountant / Office Manager

Donna is our most senior accountant and is also our office manager. She oversees the quality of work of all our outsourcing specialists and is our key person to keep on top of any IFRS changes.

She holds a Bachelor of Science (BS) Accounting degree and has more than 10 years of experience in accounting services, financial reporting, bookkeeping, payroll services and budgeting. She is on track to gain her CPA qualification this year.

Donna has worked in diverse industries such as food , business process outsourcing (BPO), IT/Engineering, retail, importing and distribution.

Proficient in SAP Business One, MYOB, Xero and QuickBooks accounting software, and has extensive experience with Microsoft Office applications.

Working with you as a client Donna will provide the final sign off in regard to the correct process to manage your account. She will ensure that interactions between your business and your dedicated specialist/s will be as efficient as possible while at the same time delivering you a quality outcome.

We are very proud to have Donna on our team and appreciate the skills and experience she brings to our clients.

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